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Tony De La Nuez

Who am I?

I have an intense passion for learning and a knack for problem solving that I use in order to write code that does cool things.
Ever since I was little, my love of computers has directed me towards a career path in computer science. When I was 12, I didn't have the money to play World of Warcraft so I decided to learn how to create a private server and run it off of my mom's desktop to emulate the game for myself.
This was my intro to web development, scripting, and databases. I created and ran both a forum and website for my friends to register accounts on my server to play with me. I then taught myself how to create and compile scripts to generate the objects in the game and allow the emulated game to have similar functionality to the retail version.
Once school started back up, I hired some people from our forums to take care of community problems while I was in class. Ever since then, I've been hooked.




Programming Languages


Web & JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries


Data Science

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