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Juxtaposition Generator

This is the app from my blog post on Python web scraping!

This app used a Python script to scrape user comments from a random video on an adult entertainment site, then placed the images over inspirational wallpapers from reddit. Although the project seems foolish, I was able to learn a ton.

The general flow of the app is as follows:

  1. Startup (app.js). Server starts, Python begins first scrape.

  2. Upon Python scrape completion, result data is output in CSV.

  3. At scheduled intervals or when the page is refreshed (should normalize this somehow), the Python script is rerun.

  4. Node grabs a “random” entry from the comment data read in through the CSV file and sends to the client via the API I created with ExpressJS routing.

  5. User gets potentially comedic wallpaper.


I learned how to traverse HTML elements with Python in Beautiful Soup, output data from python into CSV format, read in CSV files in JavaScript and make Reddit API calls, and how to schedule Python scripts to run in specific time intervals on a Node server.


Check it out here.

Tony De La nuez

Tony De La nuez

Site Reliability Engineer @ Atlassian. Interested in software development, infrastructure, games.

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