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Escape from Ashton Lab

“How long can you stave off impending doom? Grab a weapon or three and fend off waves of zombies before they overwhelm you!”

Escape From Ashton Lab is a game developed in GML(Game Maker Language).

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Wave after wave of zombies attempt to devour you in each level of Ashton Laboratory! What will you choose: Blow their eyebrows off with a grenade-launching shotgun or gun them down one-by-one? Escape from Ashton Lab will test your ability to think under pressure. With only your flashlight and the weapons you can find in the lab, you’ll have to defend yourself for as long as possible.

With every wave you complete in this atmospheric-top-down-pseudo-hack-and-slash you’ll be faced with new challenges. Enemies get stronger and faster and create obstacles for you to maneuver in order to stay alive. How long can you last? Progress and upgrade your player in order to further your zombie-crushing skills. Will you fight as a tank? High-damage and crit? Or simply build a light-hitting, fast-running rogue and beat them around the corners? The choice is yours.

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You play a lazy college pizza delivery boy who delivered to the wrong house. Trapped inside the Ashton Lab, your only chance at survival is to deliver headshots to the brain-eating inhabitants of each randomly-generated floor of this science project gone wrong! As you slay zombies you grow stronger and unlock points you can use to adapt your character in areas such as agility to make you a more nimble survivor, strength to ignore the bites and scratches of your enemies, and dexterity to make you the most accurate shot in the town.

MUSIC CREDITS TO LOBO LOCO: Lost in Love - Stringset Hall (ID 524) by Lobo Loco


Tony De La nuez

Tony De La nuez

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