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Arduino Fitbit Clone

I designed and built a fitness tracker with PC communication protocol, step, sleep, and temperature tracking, user interface.

Watch the demo video below:

Arduino Fitbit Demonstration


Fitbit Displays:

Dynamic Fitbit Display: it always graphs the most recent 45 seconds of accelerometer data. If the fitbit is in pedometer mode, the graph shows accelerometer data relevant to taking steps including annotations on the graph showing when a step (peak) is detected on the plot. This is only shown in pedometer mode.

When in sleep mode the graph shows the cumulative high-quality sleep over time. (A good night’s rest would be a steadily increasing graph. A night with intermittent restlessness would increase, then plateau while the sleeper is restless, then increase again as they settle down to sleep)

Protocol Design:

I designed a protocol that sent from Java -> Arduino -> Java in order to properly display the data from the microcontroller and sensors.

The protocol consists of a header to establish a connection, then a payload full of data.


Tony De La nuez

Tony De La nuez

Site Reliability Engineer @ Atlassian. Interested in software development, infrastructure, games.

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